A soil-free success

On 23 March 2019


Aquaponic and hydroponic methods of agriculture are gaining popularity at a time when traditional farming is becoming non-remunerative, water increasingly scarce and soil less fertile.

Futuristic Farming

On 13 March 2019


What you eat nourishes your mind, and when the best minds come together to give you perfection to eat, the soul does a happy dance of approval. At Nature’s Miracle by Ravi Kumar and Anchal Kumar, an alternate paradigm has been developed inside a massive glasshouse.

Growing a Miracle

On 9 March 2019


As the world is now waking up to agricultural practices which are environment- friendly and guarantee healthy produce, India is also channeling into this growing consciousness. Taking this a step further, Nature’s Miracle has brought about an organic food revolution in the country by introducing hydroponic technology to India.