Growing a Miracle

On 9 March 2019

hydroponic farm of Nature’s Miracle

As the world is now waking up to agricultural practices which are environment- friendly and guarantee healthy produce, India is also channeling into this growing consciousness. Taking this a step further, Nature’s Miracle has brought about an organic food revolution in the country by introducing hydroponic technology to India.

Located in Greater Noida, the facility is India’s first large-scale fully automated hydroponic glass greenhouse. About bringing hydroponic farming to India, Ravi Kumar, co-founder of Nature’s Miracle, said, “We realised that hydroponics was the future and started exploring more about it. We wanted to bring this world- class agricultural technology to India. Initially we faced issues in terms of location, weather, consistency in taste etc. But now we are facing the bigger challenge of changing the mindset of consumers and making them try our produce.”

hydroponic farming

The hydroponic farm of Nature’s Miracle in Greater Noida is equipped with advanced Dutch technology and spread over an area of four hectares. The system is mechanised in such a way that it can control and optimise temperature, humidity, timing for irrigation and other parameters which are essential for providing plants with an ideal growth environment. A team of expert agriculturists from the Netherlands is in charge of the growing and monitoring activities at the greenhouse. The facility is certified by Global G.A.P.

Completely pesticide-free, hydroponic farming is miles ahead of organic farming, as it nullifies the effects of harmful chemicals that might be present in the soil. Thus, consumers get the healthiest produce possible!

Source : Sunday Guardian Live